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52 weeks. 52 positive habits. 52 ways to grow and stretch into a better version of yourself!  Are you up for the challenge?


Chances are good you have seen at least one meme, Instagram post, or Facebook article with this hashtag.   The hashtag is often used to poke fun at the millennial generation as we struggle to adjust to all of the responsibilities of the “real world.”  Older generations snicker at the pomp and circumstance we give every day activities. “Back in my day, we had to do that without A, B, and C.” Exactly!  Now we have A, B, and C – but we also have D, E, F, G,…. X, Y, and Z!  Life is much more complicated these days and seriously #adultingishard


Some people look at CHANGE and see a Mountain. They are too afraid to start climbing because the path up the summit looks so uneven and treacherous they are frozen at the bottom in fear.   Why even start if you know you are never going to finish, right?

I tend to look at a Mt. Change and see a mole hill – a mole hill that will surely be easily conquered in a day!  I’ll be looking out at the valley of the next mountain by sunset! I start climbing the mountain only to realize that even my mole-hill-climbing to-do list, color-coded map, and freshly learned navigating skills didn’t prepare me for the journey as well as I thought.  When I should have been training for a marathon, I was measuring out the sprint.


What if both of us looked at the Mt. Change together and sized it up for what it really was – a perfectly surmountable goal.   We could encourage one another’s strengths.  I could plan the route and learn new skills to guide us along the way and you could remind me of what is actually capable in a day and how far we have come on our journey already.

What if there was a support group for adults?  A group where we could encourage and uplift each other in our life journey. A group where we made small, every day changes to our lives.  One-at-a-time we made changes to add good habits into our routines to make things easier, more manageable, and less stress.

Let’s build one! Let’s create this support group for adults! Won’t you join me?

52 weeks. 52 positive habits. 52 ways to grow and stretch into a better version of yourself!

52 weeks to a better you!

If you are ready to begin, sign up for the next Challenge Group so we can all work together to stay motivated through the year! Next, read through the Ground Rules so you know what to expect from this year.

Interested in learning more about the power of habit and how you can use it to your advantage this year?  Check out The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business by Charles Duhigg. (link for local option)

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I’m so glad you found 52 Positive Habits to a better you! 🙂 If you haven’t already, please consider joining us in a challenge group to help you stay motivated.

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